About me

I am Adrián Moreno Peña – born in Madrid (Spain), raised in Galicia, and living in Amsterdam since 2007.

This used to be my personal blog, written in Spanish language (this is the old «about me» page, quite a snapshot of who I was), and grew more and more in the lack of use.

In the last years living abroad I’ve had the change to re-invent (or discover) myself and shape some of things I’ve come to love, such as traveling, or some sports I never thought I would be fond of, like running or triathlon (I even started a blog about it!).

I am a computer engineer by formation and trade, and I have worked in web-related projects for quite a while: from developing intranet apps to having my own company specialized in web and mobile apps, to working in advertising or bikes in Amsterdam. But for that you can better check me on LinkedIn or my CV-site.